Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson
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Robert Louis Stevenson

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Robert Louis Stevenson  was a Scottish novelist, essayist, poet and travel writer. Born and educated in Edinburgh, Stevenson suffered from serious bronchial trouble for much of his life, but continued to write prolifically and travel widely in defiance of his poor health.

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Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson

summary Treasure Island

The story is about Jim, a young boy who goes in search of treasure after finding a treasure map. Jim faces shipwreck, a pirate mutiny, and sword fights. Jim's tale is a rags-to-riches story of a young boy who overcomes the odds

Quote from Treasure Island

HERE was a great rush of feet across the deck. I could hear people tumbling up from the cabin and the forecastle, and slipping in an instant outside my barrel, I dived behind the fore-sail, made a double towards the stern, and came out upon the open deck in time to join Hunter and Dr. Livesey in the rush for the weather bow.
There all hands were already congregated. A belt of fog had lifted almost simultaneously with the appearance of the moon.
Away to the south-west of us we saw two low hills, about a couple of miles apart, and rising behind one of them a third and higher hill, whose peak was still buried in the fog. All three seemed sharp and conical in figure.
So much I saw, almost in a dream, for I had not yet recovered from my horrid fear of a minute or two before. And then I heard the voice of Captain Smollett issuing orders.
The Hispaniola was laid a couple of points nearer the wind and now sailed a course that would just clear the island on the east.
“And now, men,” said the captain, when all was sheeted home, “has any one of you ever seen that land ahead?” “I have, sir,” said Silver. “I’ve watered there with a trader I was cook in.
“The anchorage is on the south, behind an islet, I fancy?” asked the captain.
“Yes, sir; Skeleton Island they call it".
It was a main place for pirates once, and a hand we had on board knew all their names for it.
That hill to the Norgaard they call the Fore-mast Hill; there are three hills in a row running southward—fore, main, and mizzen, sir.
But the main—that’s the big un, with the cloud on it—they usually call the Spy-glass, by reason of a lookout they kept when they were in the anchorage cleaning, for it’s there they cleaned their ships, sir, asking your pardon.” “I have a chart here,” says Captain Smollett. “See if that’s the place.”
Long John’s eyes burned in his head as he took the chart, but by the fresh look of the paper I knew he was doomed to disappointment. This was not the map we found in Billy Bones’s chest, but an accurate copy, complete in all things—names and heights and soundings—with the single exception of the red crosses and the written notes. Sharp as must have been his annoyance, Silver had the strength of mind to hide it. “Yes, sir,” said he, “this is the spot, to be sure, and very prettily drawled out.
Who might have done that, I wonder? The pirates were too ignorant, I reckon. Aye, here it is: ‘Capt. Kidd’s Anchorage’—just the name my shipmate called it. There’s a strong current run along the south, and then away Norgaard up the west coast. Right, you were, sir,” says he, “to haul your wind and keep the weather of the island. Leastways, if such was your intention as to enter and careen, and there ain’t no better place for that in these waters.”

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