Saffan sloths by Samah Mady

Saffan sloths by Samah Mady
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المؤلف: سماح ماضي

سماح ماضي

عن المؤلف/ة

سماح ماضي
سعفان الكسلان – Saffan sloths

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Saffan sloths by Samah Mady- Novels and childrens stories

A story for children that makes them feel about work, participation and the spirit of cooperation through the story of a lazy monkey who used to rely on others for everything until circumstances put him in a situation in which he had to act alone without the participation or help of anyone, so he found himself in a predicament and had to get out of it alone, but how ? He is accustomed to relying on others

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